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  • Jason

Black Lives Matter

I have kept silent about the Black Lives Matter movement as I previously thought that this does not involve my company, our work, or my place in society. Recent events have made it clear to me that this movement involves us all.

The Black Lives Matter movement is not just about addressing injustice that Black communities see every day. If anything, it simply highlights the worst effects of racism which can also serve to tackle racism in all forms. Any visible minority, whether the Indigenous population, Chinese population, Middle Eastern population, you name it, also suffers from some form of prejudice. In fact, even Caucasians are affected by prejudice. But, it is in the Black communities where they are affected most; in a negative way – and that is why it is important to support this movement.

Our involvement with the movement will be framed around the practice of architecture. My team and I will consider ways that we can combat systemic racism, and will continue to strive for a better future for all.

To begin, we recently came across this website which frames the Black Lives Matter movement within an architectural context in various publications. I encourage everyone to read some of the articles here:

In the meantime, I will be reflecting and discussing with the team on how we can each tackle racism using our own strengths and skills to take action.


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