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Hello World!

Welcome to this new blog! My name is Jason Fung and I run a small architectural practice in Toronto, Ontario. We’re a group of young professionals with a surprising amount of experience and (dare I say) talent.

The purpose of this blog is to share a bit of our experiences with you. So, please follow along and enjoy this glimpse into the weird world of a small architectural practice. We will be shedding some light on the challenges and opportunities we encounter (almost daily) in relation to design and construction. Some posts will be related to obtaining building permits, other posts may be centered around the design process, and on the fringe would be the obscure posts about our coffee selection for the week, or the pens we prefer to use. And other posts may seem to be strange ramblings of consciousness. Ha!

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As architects, there is a fair bit of mystery surrounding our jobs. From a strictly textbook perspective, we design buildings for people to occupy. On a more romantic standpoint, we translate our client’s hopes and dreams into built form. In reality, we work as advisors, visionaries, and negotiators - navigating all the red tape and politics surrounding design and construction, and it can be quite aggravating at times. Our days are filled with a mix of tasks from negotiating municipal by-laws and provincial building code obscurities with civil servants, to problem solving with our engineers/consultants, while also conveying design intentions to contractors or others who are not privy to the big picture. My firm consists of a handful of young and extremely talented staff. We are a mix of intern architects, technologists, draftspersons and co-op students. The studio is currently shared with the incredible Rostami Atash Atelier (another small architecture firm), and Contact Engineering (a creative structural engineer). We draw inspiration from each other, and the presence of the other companies are a great substitute for senior staff. The team and I are excited to contribute to this blog. Although we are not writers, our hope is to communicate our experiences. We invite you to follow along our journey and thank you for your interest!

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