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In design collaboration with Ilya Skok, the design challenge was pairing a modern design with existing antique Chinese furniture - which was requested by the client that the furniture was to remain. 


Through various design iterations, a material palette for the new kitchen was developed to compliment the furniture.  The cabinets and cupboards are of a reconstituted wenge veneer, and the backsplash is a handmade dual-glazed ceramic tile by Heath Ceramics - imported from San Francisco.  We feel the dark wood and the green tile paired well together with the traditional Chinese furniture.

Predominantly used by guests, the main floor powder room is a punch of contrast against the rest of the home.  The strong field of black hex tile is the feature finish, with the white plumbing fixtures "popping" off of dark the backdrop.


The mirror light fixture is made by Lumi Design, based locally, and is the only light source in the powder room.

Design Lead: Jason Fung

Photos and Video by Todd Bob Photography​

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