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Schematic Design - Fee Matrix

Ever since starting this architectural practice, I have always grappled with the problem of trying to provide architectural services for a broader demographic. When I was a teenager, my parents did a renovation to our main floor so that our grandmother (who suffered a sudden stroke) could live with us. If my parents had access to some design services, the renovation could have been something that stands a longer test of time.

Having given this a lot of thought, and for the company to roll into 2023, we have developed a quick pricing matrix to offer schematic design services to clients looking for some advice, some architectural or interior design ideas, and without "breaking the bank".

Now, to be clear, the work set out in this matrix is for "schematic design". The idea is to help visualize spaces and places for clients who are thinking about a project, require some professional services, but are hesitant to go the whole nine-yards with architectural fees.

This also can provide some initial design ideas for people who may only need just that. There are plenty of handy DIY'ers out there who just need some design direction. What we are offering is ideation and professional design ideas - if a client is able to take that and run with the vision, then we have still succeeded in providing design for a larger demographic of people.

If you're interested in obtaining some initial schematic design ideas, then please download the link below and feel free to reach out to us at for more details!



2022 Pricing Matrix_3
Download PDF • 734KB


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